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Help us support Kian.



Hello everyone, my name is Amanda and I’ve started up this tumblr blog because I wanted to help out my young nephew Kian who has a handicap called arthrogryposis or AMC for short.

People with AMC can seem to have ‘bended’ areas of their bodies, ranging from hands to legs and so on.

My nephew…

hello everyone! this lovely person running this is one of my wonderful followers, and she’s currently in need of donations towards her nephew, Kian, who suffers from a problem to do with congenital joint contractures called arthrogryposis! you can read about it on the link to her blog to find out more, but right now she needs support towards her cause so she can fly her 7 year old nephew from sweden to america at some point in the (hopefully) near future!

so if any of my wonderful followers can support her in anyway, please do! you can help by:

  • donating money to her cause (visit the page for more info!)
  • reblogging this post for a signal boost!

it only takes a moment to reblog and you could really help someone out by doing it! let it be your good deed of the day!

visit the blog for more details and have a wonderful day my lovelies!

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